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Let us make it easy for you

Driver service

Short or long distance travel, we will always find the most suitable solution to facilitate your travel

Chauffeur privé conduisant une femme

Catering service

Gastronomy comes to your home! We offer you a home chef service. He will cook
exceptional dishes according to your taste for you and your guests.

Déjeuner gastronomique

Tennis lesson

Our tennis lessons are waiting for you to become the master of the court

Tennis Class_edited.jpg

Helicopter flight

Our ultra-exclusive service will allow you to make any journey in a flash.

Hélicoptère rouge

Ski and mountain guide

If you are looking for activities during your holiday in the Swiss Alps, L&B'S offers you a
mountain guide or private ski instructor


Massages and esthetic treatments

Complete relaxation of the body and mind, exceptional treatments allowing you to completely regenerate yourself and this directly at home

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